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A Look at Epic Graphic Novel Series Flight – Plus an Excerpt

A Look at Epic Graphic Novel Series Flight – Plus an Excerpt

There it was, standing on a book shelf. I was immediately drawn into its world. For me, it was not just a cover for a comic book. Instead it was a door to an epic adventure. I’m speaking about Kazu Kubuishi’s beautiful cover illustration for Volume One of a graphic novels series that should soon emerge to be among my all-time favorites. The name of the series is Flight and here is why I love it.

Kibuishi’s cover tells a story. A messenger on the back of a giant white bird flying through an urban canyon of a world that looks like it was taken out of Jules Verne’s deepest dreams. To the messenger’s sides and below, there are soaring buildings, rumbling machines, strange aircrafts. In front of him, dipped into an intense orange color, lies the messenger’s future – his path full of promises.

Moreover, the cover introduces me to the key aspects that run like a golden thread through all of Flight’s stories. Since the series is essentially a collection of short stories from aspiring artists, there are a huge variety of artistic styles. Also, unlike another great graphic novel series, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, where the artistic approach of each chapter changes but the storyline remains the same throughout, the stories in Flight are completely independent from each other; some are sci-fi, some fantasy, there are fables and some parables. The common golden thread, however, is that all stories are eye candy. Whatever the style, it’s easy to immerse oneself into the story. And the stories, at the same time, are deep and poetic – and often quite funny.

It is difficult to describe the feeling I had after finishing the last chapter of the series, Flight Volume Eight. There was sadness since I had no more Flight books left to dive into. But there was also the satisfaction of having spent time with a collection of greatly entertaining stories. So, in the end I’ve been left alone with an emotion similar to the one that the first volume’s cover evoked in me that very first moment – a kind of euphoric melancholia.

Have a look at all the different styles and stories in Flight Volume Two here.


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